What are your delivery costs?

Our delivery costs are staggered based on distance from your local store. Your Delivery cost is worked out automatically using geo-location or by manually entering your postcode on the website or at checkout.

$55 within 40km of your nearest store (Tier 1). $75 within 41-80km of your nearest store (Tier 2). $100 within 81-110km of your nearest store (Tier 3). $175 more than 110km from your nearest store (Tier 4). 

$120 within 100km of your nearest store (Tier 1). $200 within 100-150km of your nearest store (Tier 2). $300 within 150-300km of your nearest store (Tier 3). $600 more than 300km from your nearest store (Tier 4).

Currently we only deliver in NSW, QLD and ACT. Some special delivery offers may apply from time to time.


Will you deliver interstate?

If you want to order a mattress, and you live outside of NSW, QLD or ACT, your order will be sent to the nearest store and they will contact you to discuss what the delivery cost would be. You will not have to submit any credit card details to process your order.