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  • Rejuvenate 2.0

    Queen Mattress
    Rejuvenate 2.0
    Find a similar mattress at a lower price we'll beat it by 20%
  • Revivify Support

    Queen Mattress
    Revivify Support
    Find a similar mattress at a lower price we'll beat it by 20%
  • Comfort Plus 2.0

    Queen Mattress
    Comfort Plus 2.0
    Find a similar mattress at a lower price we'll beat it by 20%

Why you'll be 100% comfy with OMF

  • More mattress for your money

    More mattress for your money

    Why pay a small fortune for a big brand mattress, when you can get a virtually identical OMF model for a fraction of the price?

  • 10 year warranties

    10 year

    All OMF mattresses over $500 come with comprehensive 10 year warranties. That should help you sleep easier.

  • Lots of comfy customers

    191,000 comfy customers

    Wondering about the quality of OMF mattresses? Ask one of the 191,000 comfy people who've bought one so far.

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  • 10 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty
  • 3 Feels 3 Feels
  • Australian Made Australian Made
  • Latex Latex
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How you rate us

  • “It has taken a while to adjust from the old mattress, but we are appreciating its comfort more and more.”

    Bruce from Redhead
  • “I suffer from a very bad back. Since my purchase of my OMF mattress, I am able to get out of bed in the morning without the pain I suffered on my old mattress. I am extremely happy with my purchase.”

    Kenneth from Gunning
  • “so comfy and pricing was very good”

    Paula from Mackay

How we keep our prices so low

  • No fancy overheads

    No fancy overheads

    Expensive showroom fit-outs are not for us. We'd rather invest in giving you more mattress for your money.

  • No over-paid middle men

    No over-paid middle men

    We don't like layers. If you're working at OMF, you're either helping create a great mattress or helping a customer find it.

  • No over-priced brand labels

    No over-priced brand labels

    With OMF all you pay for is a great mattress. We save you the marketing hype and the crazy extra cost of the big brand labels.