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Don't get stuck with the wrong mattress

Real mattresses packed with really comfy stuff

Don't be fooled into buying an overpriced bed full of marketing hot air. Pay less for a feature packed mattress from OMF. Look inside an OMF mattress and you'll find the same components as big brand mattresses. It's just that you get a lot more of them for every dollar you spend.

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Compare OMF to the big brands

Same features different prices
  • 10 Year Warranty 10 Year Warranty
  • 5 Zone Pocket Springs 5 Zone Pocket Springs
  • Memory Foam Memory Foam
  • Pillow Top Pillow Top
  • Medium Firm Feel Medium Firm Feel
  • Big brand mattress

    Big Brand Queen Mattress


  • OMF mattress

    OMF Rejuvenate Queen Mattress


The OMF blind mattress test

We recently asked shoppers to compare the OMF Rejuvenate with a big label mattress with almost identical features... blindfolded!

What did 9 out of 10 blind testers say?

  • Chris

    Chris said:

    “I would have picked that one (OMF) anyway, and saved a grand!”

  • Karen

    Karen said:

    “I'd take home the OMF, you'd be crazy not too.”

  • Shriti

    Shriti said:

    “$1000 less than you would pay for the same thing! 100% OMF.”

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How we keep our prices so low

No fancy overheads
No fancy overheads

No fancy overheads

Expensive showroom fit-outs are not for us. We'd rather invest in giving you more mattress for your money.

No over-paid middle men
No over-paid middle men

No over-paid middle men

We don't like layers. If you're working with OMF, you're either helping create a great mattress or helping a customer find it.

No over-priced brand labels
No over-priced brand labels

No over-priced brand labels

With OMF all you pay for is a great mattress. We save you the marketing hype and the crazy extra cost of the big brand labels.