Mattress Myths

Mattress myths, debunked

Before you start looking for a new mattress, here are a few mattress myths we'd like to lay to rest forever.


My mattress will last forever

No it won't! You'd be amazed at how mattresses deteriorate over time, filling up with dead skins cells and moisture. You should also take into account the fact that your body shape will likely change over time. With these things in mind, we recommend you look to change your mattress every ten years.


The best mattress for your back is firm

The truth is that the best mattress for your back is the one that feels best to you. A mattress provides both pressure relief (the top portion of the mattress provides this) and back support (the bottom part of the mattress provides this) and the best combination of that feeling is what you are looking for in a mattress.


I'm better off paying more for expensive 'brand labels'

Wrong! At OMF, our mattresses have all the good stuff that expensive brands have. Like quality foam, latex and zoned spring units. They even come with the same guarantees as our more expensive competitors. The only things they don't have however, are expensive brand labels.


To prevent dust mites in my mattress I just wash my sheets regularly?

You wish! To effectively eliminate dust mites you also need to use a mattress protector which will prevent dead skin cells from settling into your mattress and becoming fodder for bed bugs. It also pays to vacuum your mattress regularly.