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    Shop for a new mattress at Original Mattress Factory and be guaranteed a quality mattress - with our 100 night mattress comfort exchange!
  • Mattress Myths
    Will my mattress last forever? How long before I should upgrade my mattress? Learn from the mattress specialists at Original Mattress Factory.
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    Get a good night's sleep with a great mattress from Original Mattress Factory. Our mattresses are available online & in-store.
  • 100 Night Trial
    Trial your mattress for comfort today and sleep easier knowing that at Original Mattress Factory we have a 100 night mattress comfort exchange!
  • Guarantees
    Original Mattress Factory offer qualified guarantees on our range of mattresses! Ask an OMF mattress specialist today about your mattress guarantee.
  • About Allergies
    Say goodbye and goodnight to allergies with a mattress from Original Mattress Factory - look for the organic/environmental icon on selected mattresses.
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    Find your perfect mattress with our quiz.